Make-Over Mondays

Hello, Monday.

Most of the world dreads and despises you, but I have a notion it’s because they’ve never met the potential of you.

I don’t make a lot of rules for myself, because I kind of like the freedom of flexibility. But two years ago,

I made over my Mondays and it made over my life.

Here’s my secret. It’s really simple.


I don’t schedule appointments, I don’t set-up play dates, get groceries, or do coffee runs. Rarely. (Nothing is hard and fast, you know.)

Mondays are my days to start my week off right.

Hello, Monday. So glad to see you. Let’s get this show on the road.

{Even if you aren’t a full-time homemaker, or a work-from-home mama like me, there are still ways you can tweak this notion of Mondays-at-home to fit your life and work for you.  The idea is carving out time and space to focus, prepare & frame your week, so you have more time in your week.}

Make-Over-Monday Series: 3 Tips to Save You Time 

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“Doing these three things eliminates potential stress and frames my week for greater productivity and more time freedom – to work from home, serve in ministry, make better memories with my people and do more of what I love.”

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