img_1103Middle-aged dreamer living in an 1200-square foot townhouse with my husband, the handsome, gifted carpenter so-much-more-than-my-wildest-dreams.

That’s me.

Really, I’m just a simple woman living a small life, empowered by some big grace, in a wide world. I’m a Canon-girl who likes snapping pictures of the everyday, and I believe strongly in the power of story. img_1099

I double-book appointments and lock myself out of my house and get stuck in rainstorms without an umbrella. I’m a perfectionist desiring to reform, because perfectionism can look a whole lot like Pharisaism. I’m not very sensitive, but I’m working on that too. I like to laugh, and yes I am in my thirties and not still in high school (I get that a lot).

YOU are welcome here. You with your story – because we all have one.

Come, process with me, and believe that we – the ordinary redeemed – are surrounded by and possessing a beauty most captivating. Let’s peel back the layers and reject the unholy and rejoice in the glory of a beautiful Savior and His amazing love – for unworthy us.

We are ordinary people with extraordinary purpose. Because of Him. I have to believe this. It breathes purpose into the smallness of a life simply lived.


This is our son, Leo Michael, the one who made us parents. {Just look at his little hand, will you?} We had him straight out of the hospital, at three-days-old, and didn’t know till he was one-and-a-half, that we could adopt him. December 15, 2015 was one of the happiest days of our lives, when Leo’s adoption was finalized. Our Cub is charming, intelligent, social, and not a day goes by that we are not grateful to be his parents.



This is Leo with his baby sister we affectionately call Vaeh. We fostered her from birth to a little over three-months-old, when we had to kiss her good-bye and watch her return to her biological family. Our lives will never be the same for loving Vaeh and being part of her beginning.



I am married to this handsome man. He is a simple man of fewer words and deeper thoughts. We are in our tenth year of marriage and he still makes my heart beat fast.

This is us.





Welcome to our story.