Why 2015 is the Year for Revolution

January 1 and Facebook is flooded and drowning in New Years Resolutions again.

I want none of it.

Ok, so… there’s nothing wrong with planning or making goals or dreaming big. But this thing of resolutions?

I want more…more…more…more…more…

and so very much less.

I want a revolution.

This is mutiny of the best kind.

Coffee first. {Thank-you handsome, bearded man o’ mine.}

coffeeroaster frenchpress

Forget my best efforts and attempts, masquerades and performances.

I am finished with trying to make life.

Frankly, you-know-what? I’m really, really tired of that. I’m just sick of Cinderella.

The more I try to make and plan and plan and make the best life ever, the more frantic I run and the more frantic I run, the more beautiful I miss, and the more beautiful I miss, the more frantic I run and the more frantic I run, the more I try to make and plan and plan and make, and?

I want a revolution.

A turning away from this frantic sense of dreaming, planning and making the best life ever.

Because the best life ever is right now.

I don’t just want a revolution, I need a revolution.

Because the best life ever is right now.

This is a revolt against this paradigm of insanity we call our “best life”, a turning to receive the redemption of today…*of right now*.

Whatever heartbreak, soul ache, mind game, joyous song, fresh perspective, companionship, or laughter that today holds –

this is my today.

this is your today.

this is my best life.

this is your best life.

this is the moment I don’t want to miss.

this is the moment you don’t want to miss.

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So right now, grab a hold of today.

The year of 2015 is the year for revolution,


“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

and this year?

My only resolution is to live resolved.

you too?…


…this year, I am memorizing the entire book of Colossians.

Here is the not-so-professional video of the first two weeks of memorizing Colossians.

Watch this and maybe you’ll join me?

{Click on the picture below to watch the video of my recitation.}



and just for fun, because life is beautiful, watch this entirely unprofessional video of my sisters and I singing at Christmas. We fully intend to brush this up and re-record, but for now…here’s the imperfect, full-of-mistakes, we-forgot-to-harmonize-on-the-one-part video…complete with bloopers. It’s real life, people! Smile, because your real life is beautiful.

{Click on the picture below to view our singing video!}