Hope for Today…because NOW is the Gift

Thunder rolls across the sky. The air is thick with heat. A warm breeze blows. And everything begs for the skies to open –

for rain.

We all need rain.

The earth is parched and we’re all sticky with sweat, longing for cool drops of water to fall.

I sit on the couch for moments of quiet and all would be perfect if the skies would just open. I want to hear the rain fall in sheets of rejuvenation.

The whole earth begs to be refreshed.

And my soul.IMG_5645IMG_5656

The words on the mantle are bold. Now is a gift. What does it mean?

I hung that burlap banner because I wanted those words to stare me in the face everyday.

So when the little blonde boy sits in time out again, there are words before me, silently declaring over any frustration, that now is a gift.

No moment can ever be lived again, exactly how you live it today, right now.IMG_5616IMG_5565IMG_5716IMG_5724bIMG_5706

This stops me in my fumbling tracks.

I will only have this moment once. Other moments, similar, may come, but a moment never repeats itself exactly the same.

So when the baby with brown eyes and brown hair, screams and throws a fit when we go inside, again, there are words before me, silently declaring over any frustration or helpless feeling, that now is a gift.

And when the pan of granola bars never holds together and it’s a 9 x 13 pan full of oatmeal and honey crumbs.

And when jealousy plagues my soul at Pinterest-perfect decks or pregnancy news or effortless figures.

Now is a gift, says to me ~

You are loved in this moment.

You are enabled in this moment.

You are prepared for this moment.


grace is now.

Grace we will never deserve and can never obtain – to face a lifetime of envy, bitterness, frustration, sin and insecurity.

Now is a gift, because grace is now —

for YOU.


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Happy Independence Day from my little corner to yours!



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