The Slow of the Quiet

The whole world is racing and everyone is trying to climb over the next person and we are all this mass of humanity trying to outdo each other, trying to outdo ourselves, swept along by the mad dash of our plugged in lives.

We’ve got Pinterest and Facebook, Twitter and blogging, email and Skype.

We are inundated with resources to keep up with and no one has time.

But when God came to Elijah? He waited for the fire to burn out and the wind to cease and the earth to shop shaking, and God came to Elijah in a still, small voice.

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When I write in my book of blessings, I write – “Quiet. The slow of the quiet.”

I need the quiet. My life depends on it.

When I forget to still and get caught up in the pacing and racing, I am stripped of what is sure.

We’ve got smart phones beeping notifications around the clock and tablets and laptops and Ipods, and let’s face it – easy access to destructive distraction.

But God came to Elijah when the fire burned out and the earth stopped shaking.

The truth is? What we’re really desperate for is connection and we’ll miss it completely unless we first connect with Him.

It’s the morning after I sleep restless, a night of fighting off fever with the baby, and all I want to do is sleep…because my body is running on nine hours of sleep in forty-eight hours, with a 3-hour jet lag transition to boot. All I want is sleep, but I can’t sleep.quiettime

So I rise and I wait in the quiet and I’m found here in the silence of an early morning with Him.



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