{May} Links to Love

This is powerful.


Remember this show? Relive some old memories with the cast, on the TODAY show last month. {Click on the above picture to follow the link.}


Faith. THIS is Faith. I have nothing else to say – just read this story. {Click on the above picture to follow the link.}


One more reason to love walking. Fascinating. {Click above picture to follow the link.}

We’re choosing celebration. This is all JOY.


These hospital staff? They just launched the “Nothing is Impossible” initiative. Wow. {Click on the above image to follow the link.}

Because we celebrated Mother’s Day this month. Watch this.

I laughed out loud. Sit down with the whole family for one hilarious prank.


Modesty? A return to it? Better read this article – and then maybe her book. {Click on the above picture to follow the link.}


The next book I want to read!! {After I wade through the stack by my bed…}




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