{April} Links to Love

Because we’re all looking for good reads, noteworthy resources, interesting facts and songs to remember. {Please click on the pictures to follow the link.}

 Leslie LudyServing can distract us from Jesus? Something.to.chew.on.in.your.busy.schedule.this.week!

31daysapple1Gluten-free meal ideas? Yes.please!

Classic-Bags-NewThese bags are beautiful.

verilymagBecause competition among women is so real…you should read this one.

This man’s case for divorce. Compelling & convicting.

1200X800-Love-is-loving-what-they-loveTo love what they love requires selflessness. I stand convicted.

booksHelpful.and.inspiring. If you’re like me, especially, and you think you don’t have time to read.

life      Don’t leave the internet without watching this first. {Click picture above to link to video.}

This song. The final word is LOVE. This gives me goosebumps.

doctorSomeone like this has just got to be a good doctor. (And he’s from my home state of Maine which is just way cool.)

Next on my list of movies to watch. 

SisterRosemaryJust one ordinary lady.living.the.Gospel.