{Passion Week} Why You Can Rise Up



Spiritual oppression.

Emotional captivity.



All the reasons (and there are more) why you – the ordinary, the common, the layman, the uneducated, the average – should rise up.

It’s the middle of the holy week.

Passion week.

The week before Resurrection Sunday.

The days are passing and Good Friday is getting closer. Good Friday and the Sunday of all Sundays.

And you?

You should rise up from the ashes of your so-called  common life.

Because the death of Jesus was not a defeat, but a victorious claim.

A victory that is yours – ours – through Christ.

Living defeated is not an optionbecause Jesus of Nazareth did not just die and did not remain buried. 

Our King valiantly conquered even the obstacle of death. 

His resurrection is our freedom.

And this is why you can rise up, wherever you are, right where you are.

Because victory is yours – ours – in Christ.