A Promise for You: God Knows, God Cares











The silence,

It begs to be answered

Like the loud stillness after shattering glass

A thousand shards of brokenness catching light

Scattered, dangerous, like so many screaming questions.


Trembling fingers clutch at what was once familiar

Only to bleed red in the grasping

What once was can never be again

Life is forever changed and time stands still.


Darkness, pregnant with doubt hovers in,

Waves like so many birth pangs of fear

Wrack the mind, wring the soul of strength,

But it is all too soon, will faith be stillborn?


Like the heavy waiting before thunder

Like a storm of grief brooding, brooding

The soul waits in agony for the lightening of explanation

Static with the impact of reality.


The darkness deepens and rumblings echo

Cries from some inner recess bouncing off Divine silence

The flickers and flashes of dangerous reasoning

Are an evil purple against the heavens.


“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

It comes echoing down the ages, The depths of all agony sounded

No soul has ever before or ever will sound such depths again.

Even heaven holds it’s breath in the face of such darkness.


And then the sound of rending fills the air

A curtain ripped in twain and split apart

Earth’s foundations reel from the impact

And heaven rains blood.


An awesome stillness, glory burns like purifying fire

Can any question stand in such a place?

The alter of the inner holiest place flares bright as day

And suffering bows in humbled stillness, awe.


To share in this? To be and to abide?

Doubt surrenders and worship flows

To share His suffering is to also share His glory

And Faith is born again, for He has RISEN.

This poem froze my heart in place for a breathless moment. My friend Rachael Lofgren wrote this poem and felt compelled to send it my way two weeks ago. 

Where ever you are, whatever you’re facing? I promise you two things.

God knows. God cares.

“To share His suffering is to also share His glory.”

The one who wishes for the pain to be gone now has no sight for the eternal redemption.

What would happen if we unreservedly said yes to God, whatever we faced? 

What does it mean to suffer? 

What if the only way we’ll make it through our broken life is if we stop fighting the mess and start embracing it as beautiful?

What if we dared to believe?

I’ve been heavily pondering this stuff the last few weeks, in between…


a visit from my beautiful sister, Stephanie, in which we made these –


beautiful, chic pillows…for my alcove chair, my living room, and my bedroom.

Oh yeah. And I’ve been raising this boy –IMG_5313and this one –

IMG_6770and took pictures at a wedding, with a friend –


This beautiful girl, Sarah, is coming to my house every Thursday afternoon to hang out over History. Sarah_historytutoringAnd some projects are starting to get done around the house…slowly but surely…like this new kitchen shelf. Kitchen shelfBut I’ll be back again soon, to talk about words and hash out some thoughts on suffering, when I can find a quiet moment in my quiet place for some quiet time. IMG_5284