Why You Should Tell Your Story This Year

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it. – C. S. Lewis

Sometimes I ask myself why I bother writing.

So many people write.

I rocked my baby to sleep this afternoon and I thought about people who don’t write, or even think about writing.  For a moment, I wished I was one of them.

Writing takes time, and writing well demands time and effort. Great effort.

And when so many people write and chances aren’t that you’ll be the next bestselling author, is there any point to your writing?

Because it’s not just that I want to write.

I am compelled to write.

If I don’t write, I feel like I’ll go crazy, so I persist whether I have an audience or not.

And I believe that this determined persistence is not a waste.

I write, because I was born to write, like the artist falling- so- short- of- Davinci- fame paints, because he was born to paint. 

And do you know? All of us were born for more than just eking out a living on this spinning earth.

Because if there is one thing God’s crazy about, it’s His glory. picteresquewatersceneIMG_7326 IMG_7278 IMG_7327IMG_8342 IMG_7334 IMG_7332 IMG_1861IMG_0778IMG_8252 IMG_8244 IMG_8220IMG_0023IMG_9880IMG_9992IMG_3688IMG_3689IMG_2354

When I poise pen over paper, literally or electronically, this depth opens wide inside of me and pulses with life. This is not play, this is the process of praise.

This is the telling of a story. 

His story. 

The whole world might never hear my chapter in this story God’s telling, but if that is what keeps me from doing what I am unarguably compelled to do, by the design of a heavenly Creator, I am selling my soul short and withholding honor that is due His Name.

So this year?

Make it the best year ever and tell your story – His story.

Because if there’s another thing God’s crazy about, it’s you.

Paint beautiful pictures and craft compelling sentences. Arrange wildflowers and take pictures of your beautifully captivating ordinary life. Decorate your houses with creative simplicity and organize your closets with invigorating expression. Do what you do best.

Live the story of Creation and tell the story of Redemption. 

Passionately play the music notes that flow out of your soul, and you’ll wonder at the beauty of God’s creative intervention – using ordinary you to reveal extraordinary grace. 


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Tell Your Story This Year

  1. Thank you for this, Renee. I used to write–a lot–poems and stories and letters and journals upon journals…but life has pretty well happened the last several years without me writing much more than necessary lists. Sometimes I wonder if I feel so dry because I have ceased to express the heart-ache and joy of the life that is happening at such speed. So thank you, a thank-you and a hug. ❤

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