What You Need to Know, to Know the Will of God

“Pray. Pray and seek God, that He would show you His will.”

I hated when my dad said that.

How do you pray to know the will of God anyways?

Can you ever really know the will of God?

This is a subject I really want to put back on the shelf. I am not a scholar and I don’t have a master’s degree, I’m just this simple woman with a high-school diploma who scribbles words in pajamas and slippers when the rest of the world sleeps.

Not to win awards or notoriety, but to slow down the pacing of a heart full of dreams and make space to process all the soulful wanderings.

I think about the will of God on a gray and rainy Sunday afternoon, while the baby sleeps and it’s the last Sunday in 2013 and a New Year is coming.

I’m thinking about this crazy Leo journey and how so much of my life is different than I ever dreamed. And that one question that keeps niggling in the back of my brain.

How do you pray to know the will of God? 

Because a New Year is coming and I.just.want.to.get.this.right.IMG_2385IMG_7342View from front porch IMG_0019IMG_7247IMG_6134

I have some friends who say that God gives us free will and the power of decision. They’d say praying is a good place to start, but if an obvious answer doesn’t emerge, we are given the power to decide our own fate…and thank God for mercy and redemption.

I wonder, just because we don’t hear a resounding no, does that mean we’ve heard a resounding yes? 

Does that mean we’re free to proceed – even with caution?

Is free will being set loose to shop all the many and good opportunities, power of decision largely left up to me…because really, all the options are pretty amazing and if I happen to really make a mess of things, God comes into the picture and puts everything to rights?

Or what if God really does have a specific place, precise time, and particular person in mind? And what if that silence from the heavens is not a license to shop but an injunction to rest for an interim time?

I hate waiting on people.

So I really hated it when my dad told me to wait on God.

Because there’s something about God that feels elusive and obscure.

It’s just me, the lady in pajamas with the mere high school diploma, but I’ve got a hunch that the first step to knowing how to know the will of God, is to know –

That He wants to be known. 

There is nothing elusive or obscure about that.

Sometimes He asks us to step forward in faith. We take faltering steps, because we’re afraid of being reckless and messing up and this feels too radical, because God forgot to send along the step-by-step instructions.

{Because He wants to be known.}

This is where the free will of man and the sovereignty of God coincide, not collide. 

We choose to take first, faltering steps, because we know that He isn’t elusive or obscure, but intentional and real. IMG_7094IMG_7378IMG_7195 IMG_7194

I’ve lived through many dark shadows of dubiety, and said no to perfectly amiable, potential suitors, and I’ve crawled my way through weeks of waiting and I’ve questioned my faith from multiple angles.

And none of it changed God, because God is not ambiguous.

We try so hard to make the right decision, because we’re so afraid to make the wrong ones, but the lady in pajamas thinks that maybe,  just maybe, the only life-altering decision we can make is to know Him or not. 

There will be times it will seem like either way it could work, but the Christ follower never forges ahead – even with caution.

Because the Christ follower knows, that He wants to be known.

And we trust Him to lead us as a wise and loving Shepherd.

So when the way feels uncertain, we cling to what we know.



5 thoughts on “What You Need to Know, to Know the Will of God

  1. So sooo beautiful and JUST what I needed in THIS MOMENT! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and His truth Renee. May you KNOW HIM in the year ahead in ways even deeper than ever before! Thanks for sharing the journey. You are a beautiful reflection of HIM.

  2. I Look forward to the day these beautifully captivating, inspiring, encouraging, challenging, convicting ramblings, as you call them, are published. It will be a best seller, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! Keep writing.
    I love you,

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