A Rag Wreath: In Five Simple Steps

I brought a baby home from the hospital on August 14th.

On September 16th, I cosigned papers on the purchase of a house with my husband.

I moved on September 25th.

In that 43-day time period, I lived and breathed packing, cleaning, organizing, painting, and scrubbing anytime I wasn’t cuddling my newborn to sleep, feeding or burping him, reading story books or playing with Kyle.

There were the first appointments somewhere in there too, and visitations with Leo’s birth mom, and the Shafer family camping trip weekend, and good-bye parties for friends heading to Haiti and Thailand, and wedding programs to design & print for a new bride, and Youth Club binders to organize and put together…

And if my lovely sisters from Maine hadn’t come to help for two-and-a-half weeks the end of September, I would probably be sitting paint-speckled in a heap of sawdust, crying.

In other words, I haven’t done anything creative for fun(even the camera sat in its case most of the time) since sometime this summer…until Thursday.

When my awesome sister Andrea and I made wreaths for our doors, red, tan and brown, “for fall” we said. Here’s mine:

rag wreath

(Excuse the lovely camera-phone, instagram shot, please?)

She made coffee, we put all four littles to sleep, and then we dumped out the fabric scraps and got busy.

It’s really simple, I’m serious! Let me tell you how…

Step 1: Choose your scraps! Since our theme was celebrating fall we used fabrics in brown and red hues.

Step 2: Cut your scraps about one inch wide and about eight inches long. (You can adjust the size, as you desire, for the look you want to achieve.)

Step 3: Raid your closet for some wire coat hangers and bend them in a circle.

Step 4: Start tightly tying your fabric strips to your coat hanger, like this:


Make sure you push your knotted scraps together tight.

We talked while we worked and doing this kind of thing is just way more fun with a companion. Maybe that should have been Step 1…find a buddy.


Halfway there!

Step 5: When you’ve finished tying scraps around your frame, bend the hanger part down into your wreath (unless you plan to use it for hanging. If you are planning the latter, I suggest tying scraps around that too. If you are not planning the latter, I guess it would probably be smart to bend that hook down first…before tying on any scraps? Um, yes…wow…brilliant! HEY…I’m the chic that even knits backwards!)

Favorite conversation of the day…

“So…….” Pause. “You want another cookie?”

“Oh, yes!!”

“A big one or a small one?”

“A big one…duh!”

If you carefully follow all of my instructions, and my particular recommendation of doing this with a friend, I guarantee you’ll have fun.

(And on that note, it feels so good to be slightly creative again…even if creative in my full and busy mommy world is something like tying rags to recycled coat hangers.)