Why We Must Stop to Breathe Life In

He is not even three weeks old, the day I have to yank the tail of the newborn onesie a little so it will snap at the bottom. It fits snugly around his growing tummy and my soul shudders.

Where did the last few weeks go? Wasn’t he swimming in the newborn clothes yesterday? How are the tiny little onesie shirts fitting snug already?

There are dishes in the sink and laundry never-ending, crumbs on the floor and smudges on the windows. And boxes. Boxes full and boxes waiting to be filled, because we are moving soon and the house must be stripped bare because it all must go. IMG_2287IMG_9875IMG_7242IMG_7342Do you know, the sun will rise and set everyday…whether your laundry is all folded or your counters scrubbed pristine clean? We must stop to breathe life in or we will strangle in our frenzied, stressed-out running to and fro.  

We want more, so we rush harried, check duties off lists, volunteer at events, fill up our calendars, reaching desperate for life as we sink in it.

You can live and not  be alive.

John 10:10 – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

“Haste never gets anything done well.” I  thought this the day I spilled a generous amount of pumpkin spice latte on my purse in the Target parking lot.

“I’m just exhausted.” I told Ryan in tears. “I am so tired.”

“You’ve got to slow down.” He’s  a simple man with a calculated pace and gentle patience.

“I don’t know how. What do I do? I can’t slow down.”

John 10:9 – I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.

I rush harried and I live frenzied not because I am overworked or have more responsibilities than other women. I treat life like it’s an emergency because I’m doing life my way.

When we do life His way, we enter in and out and find pasture. We graze in abundance, on abundance.

“I love you nae.”

I’m startled from my reverie. When did Kyle get to be three, saying whole sentences? Saying, “I love you nae”, so childishly sweet?

We must stop to breathe life in because life doesn’t let you catch up or get ahead. Life is here, right now, in this moment, today.

Stop running, stop chasing, stop grasping. Life is here, right now, in this moment, today.

Enter in. 

Kiss those baby cheeks and tickle those piggy toes. Blow bubbles and have a picnic for lunch. (Don’t say you don’t have time, mommy.) Read story books and snuggle. The biggest messes make the most fun. IMG_0043IMG_7247IMG_2673IMG_2669IMG_0019


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