Between the ever-so-random posting… It’s Life that’s Happening

It happened, this thing called life, even as my fingers tapped out the title to this post. My husband called saying that he had finished up his meeting and “could you meet me at the door with a granola bar on my way back to work?”

So I quick poured him a cold glass of fresh garden tea, grabbed a granola bar and sat on my front porch waiting, smelling the sweet scent of petunia. This is life, I think, and I love it.

Even though it inevitably means that because so much of life is happening, I don’t have time to do one of the things I love most…journal on my blog. I miss the process my heart wrangles through when I blog, but eventually there will be time to process and think aloud again, and right now I just want to live.

Busy around here and I bet if I dared venture a guess, you’re busy too. Aren’t we all?

Between the ever-so-random posting, it’s been life over here. Things  like –

* my mom coming with Hannah! You know what that means? Late nights and long talks, strawberry picking, a ten-mile rollerblade jaunt with the sister who keeps pace Pratt-style (unlike my husband…ahem!), and sister things like the ice cream dump pictured here. (Don’t judge!)IMG_2262 IMG_2263

Strawberry  picking was quite the adventure with four children under the age of two!IMG_1099IMG_1095IMG_1091IMG_1101* the very important reason that Mom & Hannah came was because this darling little creature joined the family! Chloe Janae GraybillChloe_theladybugHer name is Chloe Janae Graybill and she was joyfully welcomed by her Daddy and Mommy (Les & Andrea Graybill) and big brother Alexander. She weighed 7 pounds, two ounces and was twenty-one inches long. She is an absolute treasure. Her big brother Alex adores her.Alex gives Chloe a kiss Alex_classic

Ryan and I took around four hundred pictures when we shot Chloe’s newborn, Alex’s 2-year and the Graybill family pictures. We had a lot of fun!LesandAndreafamilypicture

* babysitting! This means hours of childcare since I babysit Kyle full-time now and there is usually at least one day a week I have the addition of crazy-girl Jasmine or Jill Shelatz’s little boy for a  couple of hours. When Chloe was born my nephew Alex came to stay with us from Friday to Monday, which meant we made four trips to Erie (to visit Daddy, Mommy & baby!) and had four restless nights of sleep in four days…but we loved every minute of our special time with our darling nephew. He is very special to us!

* the whole big frustrating, sanctifying process of house-hunting. Translated, this means hours of scouring the web for the right house in the right price range, meetings & looking-at-house appointments with our wonderful realtor Linda, and talking to the bank. (On the flip side, it means getting to see inside some really cute places in Meadville. Whoops, I mean cute prospects. You have to have vision when you’re looking in our price range!)

* planning youth club summer events, the biggest being a weekend camp out. We made memories (of all kinds!) and had a good time. IMG_0816-001IMG_0937IMG_0970IMG_0854

* wrapping up piano lessons for the summer, bridal showers, weddings, housewarming party, birthday parties, family reunions

* being second shooter at a wedding: first time for everything!IMG_1436 IMG_1189 IMG_1490

* hitting up all the local community yard sales. I love the adrenalin rush of yard sale shopping, especially when I get to go with my mom and sisters or a good friend like Susie. Some of our best finds this year were an almost-brand new charcoal grill for $2 and a toddler bike trailer (mint condition!) for $25. I have almost completely outfitted our prison baby from newborn to nine months at yard sales! (Oh, the money we have saved!)

*  writing letters to Jenifer, the mama of our prison baby. We went to visit her last Saturday and my husband and I talked with her for over two hours! God blessed us with such a beautiful time together. We are looking forward to growing in our relationship with Jenifer and meeting the little boy that will become a part of our family in about four weeks! (We are just a little excited over here!)

* family time. When a member of your family gets a diagnosis of cancer, you frantically start pulling those dearest to your heart, close. You do things more, things like talking till 12:30 in the morning, enjoying a whirlwind visit with family from Wisconsin who came before the surgery, writing that email to faraway family that you’ve been putting off, spontaneous get together at Tim Hortons and shopping for a day in Grove City.IMG_2236

The writing of this post took all afternoon to write after being interrupted by life about five times…little Alexander- Jill’s boy coming fora couple of hours, Kyle waking up, the phone ringing, laundry needing to come off the line, and because the sun was shining and the blog post can wait so life can be lived. [Read…riding bike on the sidewalk interspersed with sips of garden tea…and laughing. Kyle is becoming quite good at riding bike!]

Whatever you’re doing this summer, do it with ALL your might, and don’t forget to LIVE. (And since a beautiful evening hanging with my sister and her clan (adorable niece & nephew, particularly) in celebration of Alexander’s 2nd birthday…I’m going to post this, take another sip of tea, and go live myself.)IMG_8329


3 thoughts on “Between the ever-so-random posting… It’s Life that’s Happening

  1. One of my favorite posts… so real. There had better more of this style when I’m in Thailand so I can see what you’re up to! =)

  2. the black and white picture of your mom with the kids in the strawberry patch is such a classic. I love it. It was fun to catch up with you just a bit here today. 🙂

  3. I love it!! That was sooo much fun! All the laughs, the chats, squished in the back of Andrea and Les’s van when we went to pick straw berries, Tim Hortons, Subway( My purse!!!) snuggling Chloe, driving trucks and dancing with Alex, playing bear with Kyle, Driving through a million 4-way stops while you fed me that awesome ice cream dish!!! I love all the memories!! Thank you for being such a great sis! love n miss you guys!!!!

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