Introducing {Saturday Simplicity} ~ Saving Space with a Ladder

Introducing the Saturday Simplicity feature here at A Beautiful Captivation, where I plan to present ideas for creating beautiful simplicity in your home, your meals, your wardrobe, and your life every Saturday I post.

For the first Saturday post, I invite you to take a peek into my bathroom.

IMG_7174 IMG_7175

My husband couldn’t imagine how an old wooden ladder would work as a shelf to store towels. The idea just made him shake his head. IMG_7169

I found this lovely paint-speckled ladder at the Townville yard sales last year and had lots of delicious fun cleaning it up and embellishing it accordingly with all my washcloths and towels. (Ryan also couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t refinish it with all those ugly paint splotches. Sigh. Where I see character, he sees blemish. I think it’s the male-female thing.)

The truth is? Decorating can be practical and practical can be pretty. {My motto for home-decorating.} What do you have in your attic that could be recycled for another purpose? $6 bought me this space-saving shelf and changed the whole look and feel of my apartment bathroom. That’s what I call beautiful simplicityIMG_7171

The Rest of My Bathroom Décor?
“Everyday is a Gift” wall art – $1 at Dollar Tree IMG_7177

Dried flowers – preserved from my wedding day
Pottery Pitcher – wedding present (both on the back of my toilet)

White Lantern Candle Holder – white ribbon recycled from a gift, candle holder gifted by a friend (hanging from the ceiling on a hook)

Starfish – a gift from a former coworker, from Myrtle Beach
Shells & Sand Dollar – collected from the shores of Florida, Maine, California, and Lake Erie

Mason Jar (holding the rest of my shells and sea glass – on the ladder) – retrieved from a basement corner
Small apple basket holding the wash cloths on my ladder – $1 at a yard sale

Faith, hope, & love wall hooks – hostess gift from a friend IMG_7065IMG_7064IMG_7063The newest addition to our bathroom decor ~ a lovely gift from my husband’s beautiful sister, Laura.IMG_9876

What creative and beautiful storage/decoration ideas do you have?


One thought on “Introducing {Saturday Simplicity} ~ Saving Space with a Ladder

  1. I really like your bathroom. A lot. I’ve already admired your ladder in real life, but I have to say again that it’s quite clever and cute all in one. Simplicity is something I care about creating/cultivating in my heart and home.

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