What I’ve Been Up To, In-Between the Posts

So what’s been happening in my life, in-between the posts about ending twenty-first century slavery, suffering, and living true love? It has been a busy world over here in the 800 square foot studio apartment…

Babysitting keeps me busy a good 65% of every week. I get to watch all kinds of crazy & beautiful kiddos every week! IMG_8592IMG_9270IMG_9329And after the busy 3-4 days a week of babysitting, we occasionally babysit for a whole weekend. This last weekend we were at the Valesky home babysitting their brood of eight.IMG_9847IMG_9849 IMG_9853 IMG_9855 IMG_9858I started spring-cleaning our apartment this week and have the kitchen, bathroom and hallway done. There are always dishes to do and I have been diligently trying to make nutritious meals and keep the pantry supplied with homemade whole-wheat bread.IMG_7373 IMG_7470 IMG_7988IMG_9875We  traveled to Washington state and spent ten days with Davey & Rachel. IMG_8345484812_10152620393845567_298974237_n    Composing music on my trusty keyboard. Giving four piano lessons every-other-week. IMG_8342Shopping for deals. My find of the spring was 2 pair of brand-new GAP jeans, originally priced $49.99 a pair, for $9.00 each.IMG_9872Learning to knit hats. IMG_9873 IMG_9874Participating in a volleyball tournament. (I was glad Ryan got pulled to play on a team after the team we were on fell apart. Even though I ended up not playing, I had a good time watching him and his brother Brendon play.)IMG_9616 IMG_9577 IMG_9661 IMG_9713Snapping pictures of my handsome husband, playing with lighting and poses for my first “professional” photo shoot…IMG_8695 IMG_8705Shots from the official photo shoot. Brendon Shafer, Class of 2013.IMG_8784 IMG_8808 IMG_9151 IMG_9160 IMG_8818 IMG_9172 IMG_9195And my life has been full of other things I haven’t photo-journaled…

 * Planning a spring program for Youth Club. Hours of brainstorming, one-of-a-kind shopping trip at Home Depot with Mark & Sherry Bracken, painting & building props, practicing our play, printing and assembling invitations, planning refreshments.
* Co-planning a Set-Apart Girl Conference with Maribeth. It’s so exciting to watch God pull together all the details and this simulcast is truly becoming a community event!
 * Hanging laundry on my wash line. The day I did the bed sheets my whole bedroom smelled like fresh sunshine.
* Relationships. Guitar jam, pizza, and games with Will & Karissa. Easter with family. Hanging-out with friends. Simple Saturday night birthday celebration with Davey, Jeanie & Patrick. Ladies group. Sewing pillows for the youth club girls with Laura & Susie. Good-bye party for Christy. Ladies night at Shelia’s. Discipleship with youth club girls. Cell group activities.
*Planning a baby shower for my sister’s second baby.
Life is full, good, and busy in-between posts. I am blessed.