STAR Retreat 2013 Part 5: A Weekend Encapsulated [installment one]

Sometimes words clutter, even on a blog page. I will let the pictures do most of the talking this time.

* Beautiful décor. Chocolate Spoons. Creative Name Tags. The scene is set.*IMG_5159IMG_5162IMG_5179IMG_5189IMG_5537IMG_7691* Registration. Supper the first night. Introductions. Opening the weekend. First Session. The Retreat Begins.* IMG_5185IMG_5163IMG_5184IMG_5166IMG_5188IMG_5193IMG_5194IMG_5205IMG_5211IMG_5215* Icebreakers. Candy. Evening Snack. Kicking off the weekend.*IMG_5219IMG_5222IMG_5226IMG_5227IMG_5235IMG_5236IMG_5247

* The story of Esther, beautifully and creatively retold by the dorm groups. The theme of being submitted; for such a time as this. The Word becoming flesh before our eyes through part of His story…and their humor.* IMG_5269IMG_5282IMG_5294

IMG_5305 IMG_5313 IMG_5314Friday night each dorm leader received an assignment from the book of Esther. By ten am the next morning each dorm group had to creatively act out their portion of Esther’s story.