The Redemption of Weakness

And when I type that title, The Redemption of Weakness, I know I should say Part 1.

Isn’t all of life, all of my waking and rising, all of this blog, all of this groaning and process – the redemption of weakness?

They aren’t off the press yet, but the posts are coming folks.

The words are untangling themselves as I stare into space and through the beautiful morning fog, cup of Turkish coffee in hand, counting all the gifts I am living in the wild mess of humanity I am. (Those gifts, every last one, because of that redemption of weakness.) They come as tears blind me and drip into my sink water, as I wrestle through fears with the sword of Truth. The words unravel as anxiety is slayed.

The story of redemption continues to unfold, this story of amazing grace, the redemption of weakness…the illumination of Light chasing all darkness back to hell. Back to where it belongs.

The battle has already been won.

Oh glory.

Glory, glory, glory.

So on Friday, we pack our bags and we blaze a new trail. It’s going to be 29 city girls and 25 staff, looking for more of that redemption.

Glory, glory, glory.

I am singing the words to this, my theme song.


by Chris Tomlin

You hear me when I call
You are my morning song
Though darkness fills the night
It cannot hide the light
Whom shall I fear?

You crush the enemy
Underneath my feet
You are my sword and shield
Though trouble linger still
Whom shall I fear?

I know who goes before me

I know who stands behind

The God of angel armies is always by my side

The One who reigns forever

He is a friend of mine

The God of angel armies is always by my side

My strength is in Your name
For You alone can save
You will deliver me
Yours is the victory
Whom shall I fear?
Whom shall I fear?

And nothing formed against me shall stand
You hold the whole world in Your hands
I’m holding on to Your promises
You are faithful
You are faithful

NOTHING formed against me (us) shall stand. HIS is the victory. The God of angel armies goes before me (us).

Sing it with me. Glory, glory, glory.

2 thoughts on “The Redemption of Weakness

  1. Glory Glory Glory, Renee i love how you can put everything into words so perfectly. Blazing new trails, scared, weak but cling to God and knowing no matter how frail and weak we may feel, he will lift us up. His Will, Will be done and NO matter how many Tears fall we Will not let Satan win. so lets sing it and let Gods Story of Redemption continue..

  2. “I will be glad and rejoice in Your love, for You saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. You have not given me into the hands of the enemy but have set my feet in a spacious place… But I trust in You, Lord; I say, ‘You are my God…’ How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for those who fear You, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you… Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31: 7-8,14,19, 24

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