Compellingly Beautiful YOU

I was in my parent’s library room – the large room upstairs in the twenty room farmhouse, a room with its own staircase and eighteen shelves of books – when I found it, the treasure that changed so much of my life.

It was a slim volume called “Hi, I’m Ann” resting on the bookcase among various other volumes I considered boring. But the simple, down-to-earth title caught my eye and I pulled it off the shelf, impatiently waiting for my sister to get off the computer and let me have my turn. I was seventeen, that age you awkwardly feel so old and so young  all at the same time.   

When I opened the pages of “Hi, I’m Ann” I was mesmerized from page one. I wasn’t sure if this crazy lady ever took English in school, because the only thing she capitalized were the names of God and the fragmented sentences…!  But this crazy lady who didn’t capitalize the beginning of her incomplete sentences, she wrote life into words that made your heart breathe a little more strongly.

The books of Ann Kiemel became some of my favorite companions in the hard years when this little girl was being birthed into womanhood. I idolized her style of writing and quickly discovered that you couldn’t copy it. It was unique to Ann Kiemel and only she could capture life soul-stirring beautiful through grammatically incorrect paragraphs.

Ann helped me to become comfortable in my own skin. To love how God gifted me. To enjoy the things that I can do well and celebrate what others can do well. To reach for wholeness in my life. To believe in the restoring power of Jesus Christ at work in me! To hope.

From her latest blog post, Ann Kiemel says:

“God really does look for weakness to raise His beauty through. our service for Him, whatever that is, has nothing to do with us except we say “yes, Lord” to whatever He asks. He takes our “yes’es”, and blows His breath into the cracked, ugly pot of our huge inadequacies, and touches people around us.”  

Do you believe it? Do you believe that God takes beautiful ordinary you to make a difference? Do you believe that God looks down from heaven when you kiss your baby good-night and do you believe that He smiles proudly? Do you believe that God sees you washing another sink full of dishes and do you believe that He finds you extraordinarily gifted? Do you believe that God thinks you are gifted and talented, productive and successful – even if you don’t have a college degree? Do you believe that God finds YOU compellingly beautiful?

Because He does.

That crazy Man who died on the cross and shed His blood, He has His fingerprints all over YOU.

Compellingly beautiful YOU.

Let a balloon go and watch it take off and fly through the air.

Write with pink chalk on a sidewalk.

Eat chocolate and don’t think about the calories.

Throw back your head and LAUGH your heart out. (Who cares if people stare?)

Celebrate LIFE!

Today, tomorrow, for the rest of your life.

The best way to live pro-life is to come alive and LIVE!

That crazy Man who died on the cross and shed His blood, He has His fingerprints all over YOU.

Compellingly beautiful YOU.


Can I introduce you to one of my heroes, Ann herself?


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  1. I remember when I discovered Ann Kiemel. I was very blessed, not because I am or wished to be a writer. She encouraged me and made me feel like I had something to offer. Keep writing!!!!
    (I NEVER think about calories when I eat chocolate!)

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