5 Ways to Live Pro-Life Every Day

While I do think “it makes a difference when 300,000 + people travel miles from home and walk down a street singing, praying, and peaceably marching because they value human life,” I also “agree with Msgr. Charles Pope who said last year, prior to the 2012 March for Life, that “We can’t just shout ‘Pro-life’, we have to live it daily.”  


She cries, yelling for me to pick her up, and I marvel how her scream melts wide into a gummy smile almost instantly. I lose myself in her big brown-eyed gaze and I wonder at her life, this miracle child.

When her mother first found out the news, that her womb was growing with a child yet again, she considered an abortion. There was no way she could do it, one more child to raise and feed and care for and clothe.

Then she heard about my friend Carrie, a young wife who dreamed of raising babies, and Jasmine’s momma chose life.

And this, this giving of one’s life to raise another woman’s baby, I think it possibly might be one of the most courageously compelling ways to live pro-life every day. I know this when I tickle Jasmine and she coos wide with the life and beauty of a healthy baby girl. She’s alive!


But how else can we live pro-life everyday? What can we do to make a difference, right from where we are knee-high in laundry, elbows deep in dishwater, burnt out with opportunities?

You can pray. We can wrestle with God and beseech Him on behalf of the least of these.

You can buy a cool magnetic CHOOSE LIFE bumper sticker for only $3 (here) ~ a small statement that speaks – and supports pro-life efforts at the grassroots level.

You can hold your children close and raise them up to be people who live life, choose life, love life, and preach life.

You could volunteer time at your local pregnancy center. There are countless opportunities to get involved at crisis pregnancy centers. If you don’t have the time to make a commitment to do some volunteer work, consider other alternative routes for showing your support. It was really fun when our church ladies held a baby shower for our local center. We wrapped up baby clothing and gear of all sorts and brought them to the center to be given to young moms choosing life. Our host, the pregnancy center’s supervisor, showed us around the center, shared stories of God’s work through the pregnancy center ministry, and gave us a peek into the work they are doing. It was a fun and exciting ladies’ night out!

You can become a member of your local pro-life faction. This is typically a simple commitment of support. In our local faction, monthly meetings are held and while my husband and I are both members we haven’t made it to a meeting yet! We still feel that our membership is important in supporting the grassroots work that is being done by small, local pro-life groups. Being a member of Crawford County Citizens for Life has opened doors of opportunity for me to edit a newsletter sent out to over a hundred churches in this area, and coordinate face-painting at the Crawford County Fair Booth. (I didn’t realize how important the face-painting was when I agreed to coordinate, but offering free face-painting brings a lot of people through the doors of the fair booth that otherwise might not enter!)

This is Sanctity of Human Life week. How can you get involved in speaking out against abortion? How can you live pro-life every day? 


One thought on “5 Ways to Live Pro-Life Every Day

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every. Time. a woman nutures, cares, brings life to a person or a situation…….she is shouting out loud: “Life matters. It’s so important, I’m willing to give my own life for it!”

    Living Pro-life…I’m not doing it perfectly, but it’s something I really, really, really care about!

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