Why We Must March for the Rest of Our Lives

It was cold, wet and rainy. I had no umbrella, my clothing was damp, and the hem of my skirt was smeared with mud. Around us, people sang songs quietly and prayed out loud for our nation’s political leaders.  Saying nothing, my friend Christy and I marched in step with each other.

Some moments must be held sacred in silence.

How is it that 300,000 + people came from everywhere, some across thousands of miles, to march? There was so many people and yet, why wasn’t there more? Where were all the rest of God’s people and was this day just another day for them to live their comfortable lives? Were they home remembering that killing voiceless children is legal in our country and do they know their voice could make a difference?

Tomorrow, January 20, 2013, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – the Sunday before January 22nd, when Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton legalized abortion on demand in the United States of America,  forty years ago. 


Monday, January 21st, is a federal holiday set aside to commemorate the life of one of my heroes, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. a man committed to nonviolence who believed that every effort to end injustice mattered.


The 39th annual MARCH FOR LIFE in Washington D.C. will be held on Friday, January 25, 2013. An estimated 300,000 people will be peacefully marching the streets of our nation’s capitol, up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building on Capitol Hill.


Where will you be this week? Will you be speaking out for the sanctity of human life, for the dignity of every soul, for the voiceless children being legally murdered in our country every day? Will you still be marching, even if you can’t in Washington D.C.?

The issue of abortion is not an issue, it is lives at stake.

How can crucifying the image of God ever be legal?

And how have we done it, this classification of abortion – the killing of innocent children made in the image of God – to politics?

How can we not march? How can we not march for the rest of our lives?

In one of his last public announcements before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told an audience in a Harlem church on March 26: “We need an alternative to riots and to timid supplication. Nonviolence is our most potent weapon.”

I agree with Msgr. Charles Pope who said last year, prior to the 2012 March for Life, that “We can’t just shout ‘Pro-life’, we have to live it daily.” 

But I do think that annual peaceable public rallies speak.

I do think it makes a difference when 300,000 + people travel miles from home and walk down a street singing, praying, and peaceably marching because they value human life. This kind of nonviolent aggression is what moved the Supreme Court, on December 21, 1956 to declare that segregation on buses (between Negroes and whites) is unconstitutional in our country.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,you did it to me.” – Matthew 25:40

Go here and here for some moving videos on why you need to put your marching shoes on…for the rest of your life.

“Pray for our elected officials as they see the March on Washington, the March for Life. Pray that they look outside their office windows and see  that there is something going on here and that this is an issue that Americans care about. And remember, stand tall and be heard.” – Stuart Shepherd

“We live in a country where it is legal to intentionally destroy members of the human family. If you devalue one life, have you not in fact devalued all lives?” – Carrie Gordon Earll

“It impacts us as taxpayers that we underwrite the abortion industry through Planned Parenthood. Now we know that money is not supposed to go towards abortion at the federal and state level, but we know that gets all mixed up and jumbled.” – Carrie Gordon Earll


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