Learning How To Talk

“I know I haven’t told you like I should, but I want you to know that you are a good woman. I see you as a…”

My veins pulsated with her words. She spoke life into my heart and her words of blessing and peace filled my mind and watered my soul.

It never feels good to hear the negative – all the things you don’t know how and you aren’t doing right, especially when it is never counteracted with affirmation that you aren’t a complete flop job.

Why is it so much easier to speak words of death and criticism and cursing, then words of blessing and life? Why is it so hard to counteract the inevitable negative of life and (sometimes necessary) criticism with positive affirmation and approval?

The blessing of a yes! over a life can push a person miles beyond all of the no‘s. A teaspoon of encouragement can propel any individual far beyond their greatest expectations. Words breathe life and this life must be spoken.

I’m walking as I’m thinking, inspired by the leaves, vibrant and full of color. I notice how the sun dances off the yellow and red hues, vivid beauty hanging from tree limb and fluttering to the sidewalk where I wander.

Words teach.
Words inspire.
Words condemn.
Words inflict.
Words impart.
Words destroy.
Words enrich.

As I walk through the sunbathed glory of an autumn day, I remember some of the many times my friends or family spoke a word of affirmation for me. The many times I pushed forward and fought through, on a sentence of encouragement. We all need a cheerleader and an encouraging word, whether we’re one, twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred, because we’re all taking a first step in something.

Lord, teach me to speak loudly of life, softly critiquing, speaking words full of blessing, pregnant with promise and bathed in Your mercy… because at twenty-five, I’m still learning how to talk. ~