Stammering Through

Sometimes I stare before a blank computer screen, a thousand words beating and hammering in my heart, and my fingers can’t keep pace to the thoughts screaming to be spoken.

Other times, when the mind is jammed full of living, I am like Moses and the words stick like glue, driving me crazy and I stammer, if anything comes out.

The moment I think I know how to encapsulate my feelings in a phrase or put definition to the wanderings of my heart, I am stuttering again, searching for the right adjectives and the suitable expression…

How I write, is also how I live.

Some days I know how to hack my responsibilities and accomplish my tasks and do it well, this constant serving of others, the never-ending tasks of keeping house, the giving and letting go…

And other days I stammer through. I don’t respond to my husband with a smile of grace, and I ignore the inappropriate remark at Youth Club because I don’t think I can handle fighting through another crude conversation…and I stutter and wrestle and tremble and crawl on my knees through the complexity of this moment. 

If you blog, write, or live…you may find this article  how to live, blog, write an inspiration to your soul. I know I did.

~ because we all stammer through at times ~