my sisters

So, this Sister article made me cry in the middle of McDonalds at 9:00 pm at night.

Ann said, “Sisters make circles of time, a completing of sentences and memories and laughter, the past curving into now and you both know how it all rolls.”

And I smiled at this beautifully concise introduction and my heart fluttered soft, because most of my sisters live so far away and yet they feel so close, and is it because of the circles of time we’ve made together? The unfinished sentences we    complete for each other across hundreds and thousands of miles?

And Ann asks, “Will they be sisters, the shared childhood that never ends, the friendship that transcends? And when they grow old and I grow older and there will be goodbyes for now, will they remember? No losses are ever losses when we love; what we love is always with us, becoming part of who we are.”

And the meaning of sisterhood continues to unfold as we all grow older, life taking us down different pathways, but deeply connected… birthed from the same womb and born into the same family destiny.

And we finish each other’s sentences, and tell each other when a certain color doesn’t look good for our complexion, and we share dreams and hearts and frustrations, and there is something everlasting about sisterhood.

(I guess that’s why it can make you cry in McDonalds, right?)

Theresa and I

 Sarah and I

 Andrea and I

 Hannah and I

 Stephanie and I

 Catherine and I

 Maggie and I


2 thoughts on “my sisters

  1. I read Ann’s words and cried, too…because all of my life I’ve dreamed of having a sister, and now my daughter dreams the same dream; and with all my heart I long to see her dreams come true although mine could not.
    I thank God for friends who have stepped into the sister-void in my life. But I cannot say that I am not jealous of you when I see you have 7 sisters. I just can’t imagine how wonderful that must be!

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