Top Ten Books on My Shelf

The top ten books on my shelf, right now (yes, that is subject to change), and why I like them. (This is the same list I wrote on a burnt-edge scroll for Maribeth’s birthday.)

   1) The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Brokenness by Naomi Zacharias

While this list is not in any special order, this book definitely deserves the #1 spot. Naomi speaks truth unreservedly, yet with boatloads of grace, (much like her father, the well-known Ravi!), and weaves a heart-stirring volume with compelling tales from her international travels. This book changed my life and stirred deep compassion in my heart for international justice for women and children.

2) Extreme Devotion by Voice of the Martyrs

While I used this book with my daily devotions, Extreme Devotion can serve as a coffee-table teaser or be read like a novel. Packed with challenging quotes and inspiring stories of Christian men and women (like Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand), around the world, extremely devoted to Christ no matter what the cost. My copy is very marked up. J

 3) Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Baucham

Married or not, this winsome book is sure to bless your heart. Since the description on the back of the book sums it up pretty well, I will simply quote from there. “In Joyfully at Home, Jasmine writes with verve, passion, and transparency about her own struggles and triumphs as a young woman, even as she encourages other girls on this journey to grasp the bigger picture – to embrace a vision for the home as a hub of ministry and discipleship, as a training ground for life ahead, and as a place where they can bless their families.” Before you mark it off as being too “patriarchal” for you, give this volume a try. You may not agree with it all, but you are bound at some level, to be inspired.

4) I Love the Word Impossible by Ann Kiemel

“Impossible means that I, an ordinary young woman, can be something special and significant in an enormous, hurting world. I can be love where I live and that is Christ…and He really does make all the difference!” The perfect bathroom book or inspirational pick-me-up in her classic, Ann Kiemel style of prose. (No capitals allowed!) Ann lives with the honesty, integrity and compassion I want to live with and ranks in my list of heroes.

  5) Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up by David Bercot

On the heavier side, this book by David Bercot “confronts traditional answers and challenges you to a deeper walk with God – the walk of the early Christians.” I am sure I missed so much in the first reading, I should probably read it again! Chapter titles include: Is Right and Wrong Simply A Matter of Culture?, Who Were the Early Christians?, What Happened to Early Christianity?, and Do New Testament Teachings Surpass the Old?

6) Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

While the death of her five-year-old daughter led to the writing of this book, Choosing to SEE is a story of life more than death, written by Christian contemporary singer Steven Curtis Chapman’s wife. Choosing to SEE is an easy-to-read portrait of Mary Beth’s journey and struggle with pain, hope, and the grace of God. I laughed, I cried, and I highly recommend this book.

  7) Hearts of Fire by Voice of the Martyrs

This is the story of eight brave women who gave all for the cause of Christ. Meet Adel (Indonesia), Purnima (Bhutan), Aida (Russia), Sabina (Romania), Tara (Pakistan), Ling (China), Gladys (India), and Mai (Vietnam)…eight women in the underground church and their stories of costly faith.

8) Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose  

This is my favorite biography, the story of Darlene Deibler Rose, an American missionary to Japan. I first heard Darlene’s story as a teenager, when my mom read her autobiography to my family in our evening family times. Still today, when I think something in my life looks completely impossible, I remember Darlene and am inspired by her “Banana Faith Story”.

  9) A Higher Call by Harold Bell Wright

Haven’t heard of Harold Bell Wright? Think George McDonald, or McDonald’s contemporary Michael Phillips. If you’re tired with the cheap fiction of today and wishing for a stirring, inspirational novel, get your hands on this book. The beginning is admittedly hard to get into, but since my husband so strongly recommended it, I made myself keep reading and was hooked to the very end. A sad, gripping tale of church life as it often is and a pastor who dared to stand for what it should be.

10) Nice Girls Don’t Change the World by Lynne Hybels 

This book was actually not on the list I gave to Maribeth, but since I couldn’t remember the last one, I decided to throw this title in the batch…it is one of my top favorite recommends. In this short, easy-to-read book, Lynne shares her story of facing her flawed view of God’s character, her discovery of His deep, personal love, and her journey accepting His grace. “The opposite of a nice girl is a good woman,” Lynne says, as she calls you to embrace God’s special design for your life.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Books on My Shelf

  1. Good morning. “Extreme Devotion” is already on my “to read” list. while Hearts of Fire” should be added. My last two posts discussed two saints who placed everything on the line for the cause of Christ. The information came from VOM publication.

  2. Oops. Hit the wrong button before finishing. The last one caught my attention for a different reason. I know a lady who works within the confines of a particular governing entity. She has been there for five years and, while she has maintained her testimony, the darkness and corruption in her department has grown increasingly profound. She sees “spiritual wickedness in high places” taking place every day on a level that would bewilder most and often feels as though she has made no difference at all. Fortunately, she is soon to move into another situation. When I learned of this move, Luke 9:5 instantly came to mind.

    Thanks for sharing the above list. Blessings in Jesus name.

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