Holy in the Commonplace

If you knew the Lord was coming back tomorrow, what would you change?

I mulled over that question all morning Friday, as I scrubbed my toilet, wiped down my bathroom walls, swept my floors and washed my kitchen cupboards. Would I be doing all this? I thought while I cut lettuce from my garden, washed fresh dill and basil in my sink, and made salad.

Oh, how I have struggled with the question of the inescapable ordinary!

I have grappled through the questions of the mundane. What is spiritual about dusty bookshelves, dirty dishes, and stacks of laundry? If two-thirds of my life is spent filling a role poured out primarily in the commonplace avenue of life…what is the purpose of my life anyways? The tangled questions of life and eternity and purpose.

“If I knew the Lord was coming back tomorrow, I am not sure I would change very much about my life.” The words felt bold and sounded conceited. “That sounds so proud and I don’t have this figured out. I am still learning. I just feel that if everyday I offer my day to Jesus and ask Him to flow through me and use my efforts to build His kingdom, isn’t that all I am called to give anyways?”

Shelia talked about that tendency to categorize some work spiritual and other work unspiritual, when all work done to the glory of the Father is made eternal. Carla shared that realizing all work can be holy brings clarity to life. If all work has eternal consequences and any work done to God’s glory is spiritual, no matter how mundane, wouldn‘t that bring her more to the threshold of evangelism?

And if I really believe that what I believe is really true, wouldn’t my whole life change, whether Jesus was coming back tomorrow or in a decade? If I live as though what I believe is really true, wouldn’t I live as though the commonplace was holy? Wouldn’t I be at the door of my neighbor’s house every week, rather than wait till the last-minute and confront them as though they were a religious after-thought?

These thoughts press in to me, deep conviction stirring. Carla was right. Coming to grips with the commonplace of life brings startling clarity and perspective to life. If I live as though what I believe is really true, I will live the abundant life He gives through daily surrender to Him. Dusting my bookshelves, weeding my garden, and wiping my cupboards and countertops are commonplace actions baptized in holiness when I do them unto the Lord. They are just as righteous as witnessing, just as profitable as church meetings and discussions.

So I wrote on my kitchen chalkboard, Give Thanks, and started a small list of today’s praises.

1. Floors to sweep

2. Kisses from Ryan

3. Sister Eva’s witness of Jesus

4. Testimonies of praise at church

5. Cheddar hot dogs

6. Rain…sweet water from heaven

7. Iced coffee in white mugs, chocolate bliss!

The ordinary becoming extraordinary, the everyday ushering in the eternal. The holy in the commonplace.


2 thoughts on “Holy in the Commonplace

  1. That is an awesome perspective and Right On!! Whatever we do is holy as long as we do it for love of God:)

  2. I loved your post today. Amen to doing all to the Glory of God.There will always be the every day, ordinary, commonplace, sometimes mundane duties and we surely should do them with JOY.
    I love you,

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