Wise Group #1: This is How We Do It

Our families are all different, our backgrounds weave different stories, our days hold different duties and we’re probably one of the most vintage group of friends ever, but that’s just the way we do it!

~ Maribeth, me, Melody, Christy ~

~ Meet Christy ~

If you call Christy and she doesn’t answer, you’ll hear her pleasant voicemail inform you that she’s a representative of Cutco and Vector and ask you to leave a message. Christy is spunky, professional, and confident. She knows what she believes and isn’t ashamed of it. She is driven, committed and focused – whatever it takes! This fall she is taking the plunge and heading off to Colorado for a semester at Ellerslie School of Honor. I am so excited for her!  My favorite thing about Christy is her gracious spirit. I helped her with her hair for a wedding and even when I didn’t get it just right, she was generous and affirming.

~ Meet Renee  ~                                                                    You already know all about me since I’m the author of this blog. If you have any doubts, you can check the ABOUT section again.

~ Meet Maribeth ~

 Maribeth is the go-to-it-girl. She pushes her friends to their potential; nothing less than your best! Maribeth is on-time, organized and ready-to-go. She hates wasted time! She works as a Med. Tech./Ward Clerk in the Meadville hospital — a job that requires a great deal of multitasking stamina. Maribeth is one of my closest friends; we have lots of awesome heart-to-heart talks about life and our faith.

My favorite thing about Maribeth is her teachable spirit. This girl knows how to take critique! She’s nineteen and asks for advice! She is humble and willing to learn.

~ Meet Melody ~                         

Fun-loving, sanguine, spontaneous Mel…she reminds me a lot of myself at nineteen. She is an assistant manager with Cutco and Vector and dreams of taking classes for interior design. Melody and I never have enough time to say everything that (we feel) needs to be said. We’ll talk for four hours and only just have started, so we joke about going away for a weekend to see if we run out of things to say.

My favorite thing about Melody is her priority for relationships. She is always quick to selflessly give of herself and her time to others. She doesn’t settle for minimal relationships. If you are blessed enough to be her friend, you get the whole package! (No acquaintances allowed.)

We’re the “Wise Group”. Random, passionate, and consecrated to God. Yup, that’s us! We are supposed to meet weekly and will (hopefully) once again, after the summer crush of life winds down.     

Yesterday though, we managed to meet up and celebrate Maribeth’s 19th Birthday, albeit a little overdue. It was a full and fun day…

 – talking about life –

– booby-trapping Mari’s car with notes of encouragement –

– discussing summer plans –

– foot soaks and French tips –

– back massage –

– crazy jokes, laughter, our kind of humor –

– lunch at Cracker Barrel –

– Willow Tree gift with a story –

– random photo shoot –

Top 10 book list, for Mari –

   Christy, Maribeth & Melody  ~ Christy, Maribeth, Me ~    Christy

                                                Melody              ~ Me                      ~ Our Feet


The “Wise” Group*

*The name comes from studying Mary Kassian’s Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild book.


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