Why Do You Blog?

It’s like blogging has come of age again. Left and right, people are setting up their own personal web space to hash out their thoughts and air their opinions.

Why do I feel slightly claustrophobic? It isn’t like my blog was the first blog out there, or that new bloggers can’t come along and find their own way. Why do I feel like my space is being infringed on?

All these honest thoughts have tumbled through my brain the last couple of weeks. As I struggle and sort through the questions and feelings, I come down to the larger question: Why do you blog, Renee?

I started A Beautiful Captivation, originally called Pursue the Beauty, in September of 2009. My husband and I had started a blog (Authentic Truth) together (that has sadly been sitting neglected) and I felt I needed a blog where I could let my feminine side explode a little.

A lot of people have commented on the depth of emotion conveyed in my blog posts or writings. It’s because I process when I write. While I have no trouble talking, writing is my first choice for communicating. My blog is not just a place to air my opinions or hash out my thoughts (although I am guilty of doing both). It’s personal for me, like the new way to journal.

Maybe that’s why the recent explosion of blogging ruffles my feathers a bit…because it’s personal for me. I confess this and offer grace to all the new bloggers, and all the bloggers-to-be out there. The truth is, this is not just “my world”.  I offer the hand of friendship and invite you to walk with me, as I enter your world through your cyberspace.

Now that I’m past those claustrophobic feelings, I can see more of the fun in this. Not my world, not your world…our world.

Why do you blog?


3 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. I think for me blogging has become more imperative since I became a SAHM… Before I was married, or even had children, I had the time/liberty of meeting with a friend, calling someone and talking for an hour straight, or taking an evening out with my husband to connect and hash life’s Big Things. Now, all of the above are very few and far between… I’m much more busy so time brings limits, children need their routine so it’s harder to get away, babysitters are sometimes difficult to get (and even then I think sitters should be used rarely and not willy-nilly all the time), long phone conversations are a waste of precious time away from my housework and most importantly, my kids (and they tend to be naughtier when they know Mom is on the phone, ask any mother!). In short, whatever issues, crises, deep thoughts, etc. or simply just chatting about the latest life happenings sometimes get placed on the back burner for a couple days… simmering…sometimes almost exploding. 🙂 And since I may go nearly a week without seeing or talking to another adult besides my husband, blogging is a way of expressing myself and communicating to the larger world of family and friends, and being responded to… It feels like I am in connection with other people and not just alone in my world. In that sense, I actually feel no sense of claustrophobia about fellow-bloggers, because I love reading blogs in the same way as writing them; I need to hear other people as much as I need to communicate. I think it’s important that as a blogger, I remember that I not the only one who has something to offer others, and others certainly have things to offer to me by way of opinion and thoughts…things equally important and probably more well-said than mine. 🙂

    Trust me, I am not ungrateful for motherhood, but adults need other adults to communicate with. I was quite content for the longest time to privately journal, but since changes and responsibilities in my life decreased the amount of quality communication with other people, blogging is a way to accomplish that.

    And all your reasons ring true as well. Some people just need to have an outlet like writing in order to process, be creative, whatever. Some people don’t. My husband, for example, would consider having to write a blog the most cruel and unusual punishment. I know many others like that. So, each to their own. 🙂

  2. Hi Peg,
    I enjoyed your response to my little ranting ramble! Thanks for jumping in!

    I am sure your kids take advantage of you when you’re on the phone. I know I did when I was growing up. Mom being on the phone was like a free pass… My sisters talk about the same thing happening to them with their kiddos when they get on the phone. I think you’re right — it’s a universal problem. 🙂

    “In short, whatever issues, crises, deep thoughts, etc. or simply just chatting about the latest life happenings sometimes get placed on the back burner for a couple days… simmering…sometimes almost exploding.”

    I am not even a mom and I can relate to this. You’re a writer — it’s what happens to us writers. Our brains are always in motion, and.if.we.could.only.have.a.moment.to.put.thoughts.to.words… Blogging is this kind of release for me, too…it’s part of my process. I probably have more time than you do, for sitting with a friend or picking up my telephone, but there is still a deep need in my own life to process through the written word. It is where I release my emotions. I am not emotional in person, at all.

    I like when you write…so write!…blog or not. 🙂

    I like reading people’s blogs too. I have my favorite ones fed right into my email. 🙂 This was more just a rant and I think the claustrophobic feelings came because I am the kind of rebel that doesn’t like doing what everyone else is doing. So if everyone else starts blogging…it makes me want to stop. *she blushes*

  3. Haaaa, yeah, it’s why I’ve resisted starting an actual official blog (I came on Xanga right after leaving the Amish because some of my relatives from out-of-state wanted to keep up with me via pictures, news, etc., it was already no longer cool and MySpace/Facebook was the new rage) for the same reasons. When everybody else is doing it, I already have one good reason not to do it. 🙂

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