… oH, tHe FrEnZy of FaDs!

I hate fads with a passion. I am diabolically opposed. (I like that word: diabolically. It makes my opposition sound virtuous.)

There were the xanga blogging days, when everyone with a grip on what was cool had an xanga and you asked your friends, “Do you have an xanga?” with that tone of voice that conveyed you hoped they did.

A couple of years went by and the xanga frenzy died down, leaving a few faithful xanga blogs still in operation. Probably the real group of xangaites left, real group meaning all the people who started xanga for the right reasons. Right reasons meaning they were people who didn’t have an xanga because it was a fad and they were trying to be one of the “cool ones”.

What about the Aeropostale hoodie trend? Maybe you don’t remember that one. Those years when your possession of at least one hoodie screaming 1987 across the front indicated where you placed on the cool radar. Oh yeah…that. (You remember now, right?)

Platform heels. (Now its flats.)

Scarves – the new fashion craze.

Leopard print. (That one is in and out.)

Puffed sleeves. (The puffier the better!)

To be fair, I had an xanga blog. (To be honest, I had mine before it was the thing to do. That came later.) To be honest, I have an Aeropostale hoodie and it is quite comfortable. (To be fair, I got it to match my friend who thought it would be fun and it was on sale.) To be honest, I wear flats. (To be fair, I wear heels too.) To be fair, I really, really like my growing collection of scarves. (To be honest, I never dug puffed sleeves or leopard print. Ick!)

Am I really as diabolically opposed to fads as I think?

I reflect.

Yup. I.am.diabolically.opposed. 

It’s why I get so irritated when I buy a pair of shoes and within a couple of months see several people wearing “my” pair of shoes. (After I’ve answered the, “Oh my word! Where did you get those shoes?” question several times.) It’s also why I don’t go buy a pair of shoes I admire on another person. It’s why I love thrift store shopping. (Sorry, that is said rather smugly…)


And that sounds virtuous, but the virtue ends there.


4 thoughts on “… oH, tHe FrEnZy of FaDs!

  1. But you aren’t opposed to the fad of using.a.period.after.every.word.to.make.your.point. nor of the fad of eschewing capitals in facebook statusii. 😉

  2. I actually do like fads – to a degree, love the variety and the chance to try out new colors and styles. I don’t like the burden of feeling that since tan walls are now out and gray is sooo hot, I therefore need to go and repaint my whole main floor… But I happily have a charcoal and yellow bathroom. So I guess I’m good as long as I keep trends my servant and not my master, and discontentment at bay.

  3. Edith – I love your response. I have to agree that fads can be fun…maybe it is the slavery to fads that I am diabolically opposed too? 🙂 As I said…the virtue is only in how it all sounds. I think I am probably less opposed than I would like to admit. 🙂

  4. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I can’t think of any comment to make except that I am also diabolically opposed to most fads. But I think that it is important to not be mastered by the diabolic opposition to fads as well. It’s easy to become a slave of either camp.

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