A Tribute to Alexander

I lightly pinch his baby cheeks and he smiles broad, blue eyes glimmer with a silent giggle.

I am not sure if he adores me that much, or if my adoration of him is reflecting back to me. But when our eyes meet, it seems like something softens in his face and I know something softens in my heart.

His chubby hands grip mine…when I dip his feet into the chilly water of Conneaut Lake – his first time. He grimaces then grins.

I bound up the porch steps of the cabin we stayed at this weekend – us, a bunch of girls whose lives have intersected in ways we never imagined seven years ago, when friendship began – and he giggles and kicks his feet, wildly irresistible.

He cries in the backseat of the car, lonely whimpers. I reach back and peek over the side of his car seat. Our eyes meet and we synchronize and smile.

Alexander Martin Graybill…you rock my world.