When Heather Terrall Came to Visit…

Once upon a time, in the land of home school girls who wrote articles for home school, Christian girl magazines, a young just-barely-teenager wrote an article and had it published in the aforementioned magazine. Her article attracted the attention of another young just-barely teenager who decided to write a letter to the article writer.

My friend Heather Terrall came to visit me last week. More than a decade ago, this lovely girl from Oregon wrote me in response to an article I wrote. Three years ago she (being an accomplished musician) played piano at my wedding, even though I had only ever met her through the pages of letters. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other more personally, since the only other times we have been together were over my wedding and our mutual friend’s wedding. (Weddings are not the best times to forge closer in relationships.)

~ Tuesday ~ Heather and I babysat my nephew Alex and ran errands. We took a long walk through town, got delicious chicken pesto sandwiches for lunch, and I showed Heather some of our favorite haunts in the little city of Meadville.

~ Wednesday ~ We donned vintage canning aprons and set to destroying any and all sense of order in my kitchen. With cell group that evening, the plan was to make enough snack for around 20 people. After deciding on what to make, I started pulling ingredients out of the cupboard and Heather started throwing them in a mixing bowl. We were talking so much, it is really a miracle that our cookies turned out!

Then we went walking Woodcock Dam and the Allegheny Colleg campus (and unsuccessfully attempted playing the piano at Ford Chapel).

i love stone churches and stained glass windows.      

Heather posing at Ford Chapel.







She snapped a photo of me!

… sunshine and friendship go hand in hand.

~ Thursday ~ We drove to New York for the day and spent time touring Niagara Falls and Buffalo.                                                                                                  We visited some of our favorite downtown Buffalo haunts…Places like Elmwood Street, with the cute, shabby chic style stores…







And of course, Spot Coffee, with its deep earthtone hues, hip style, vintage decor and unsurpassable drinks! We sat on the comfy couches, bathed in warm sunlight pouring through the large windows…



Downtown Buffalo is classy in a charming eclectic sort of way.

I wanna go back…!

You can never get enough of Niagara Falls…

It makes you feel free, doesn’t it?

How can you not believe in God? I love everything about the falls… the wild, rugged beauty… the cool, refreshing mist…the roar of gushing water falling over rocks…

~ Rainbow over the falls ~

It was actually a full rainbow, but hard to capture on a camera because the middle was too faded.

Experiencing the falls on the Maid of the Mist!

It had been twelve years since I’d been on the Maid and I thoroughly enjoyed being reintroduced to it! Cave of the Winds wasn’t open yet, otherwise we would have introduced Heather to that perspective of the falls, too.

A walk through Niagara Park – blooming with spring!

~ Friday ~

    We took another walk, had a heart-to-heart talk, packed up and headed to Pittsburgh to make Heather’s flight. All of a sudden her visit felt too short…and it was time to say good-bye.

Now we’re talking about the next time we’ll be together. And, I’m thankful for home school girl magazines and all the beautiful people they brought into my life ~ the faithful friends who touch my life, leave footprints in my heart, and walk with me still today.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Renee! I enjoyed the visit with you soooo much! I wish you didn’t live so far away. 😦 -Heather

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