How to Live in the Moment?

Niagara Falls, New York. My husband and I. Togetherness. A picturesque setting with old-fashioned lamp posts and decorative iron benches. Hand-in-hand strolling in the nippy air, homemade wool cap pulled low above the eyes. How to live in the moment?

Friendship. Family. The joy of the two combining, creating something inextricably intertwined, an explosion of joy at relations only God could orchestrate, kinship touched by the kiss of His Mastery. How to live in the moment? Where laughter erupts and hearts ooze into each other, blood mixes and journeys blend.

The smell of wood smoke, faint in the air, the crackle, pop and whistle of wood burning in the family room wood stove. The nostalgia of contained fire, the comfort of snuggles under fleecy blankets, while outside the trees croak in a blustery late fall day. How to live in the moment?

Here. This moment typing from my couch, the backdrop of “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella” playing, the Christmas tree lights glowing in the corner, the gray sky taunting snow. How to live in this moment?

How can each day and each moment live to be more than a memory? As I prepare for an evening at work, how can I live in this moment, to hold each small second of time as though it were fragile glass? To value and cherish it with integrity. What does it mean? How to live in the moment?

‎These questions asked to the backdrop of Ann Voskamp’s challenge on her blog post. “Still unfolding it: the only place to be fully alive is right here.
There are dishes in the sink and balls of yarn on the floor and boots at the back door. I profane this moment when I don’t stay in it. Be all here: and be holy. Because the Presence of I AM always fills the present moment.”

Lord, my heart cries for this truth to come alive in my heart. My soul longs to be fully alive. To be all here, and holy; to live in the Presence that fills the present moment. To know He is here, right now, filling each second with holy purpose, aware. How to live in the moment, alive and full and whole.

The answer of how to live in the moment, is the answer to why I exist.


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