All is Right

Two coffee mugs sit on the kitchen counter, drained of the rich caramel goodness that brimmed inside of them just an hour earlier. I look at those coffee cups and I think about him. The One I shared my coffee with. The Man.

We sat across from each other this morning and smiled at each other like high school kids feeling crushes. We laughed…reminisced…talked. We opened the cherished, golden book of memories and turned the pages in our minds. We talked about what we’d say to him – the young boy-man who wanted us to pray for him and needed someone to talk too. We dreamed that today the Man wouldn’t have to go to work and I wouldn’t have to go to work and we could cozy in together on this rainy, fall day.

And we kiss long and hard, and say good-bye. And our eyes lock and they smile back at each other with a cheery twinkle that says I love you more than spoken words could ever express. All is right.

Somehow in only two years of marriage we have faced a lot of decisions and pain and responsibilities and hurt. Somethings have felt unfair. We’ve done crazy things like host people in our home so long that we weren’t alone at our house for six consecutive weeks. We’ve gone through seasons of time where we stop and reevaluate what we’re doing and have to cut stuff out of our lives and we’ve learned that saying no has to happen to say yes…

And we’re still learning today. Probably, ten years down the road, we’ll still be learning. And twenty and forty and beyond. I know, from experience, that we’ll probably learn best by making harsh mistakes. But, in spite of it all…the realities and responsibilities of life, all will be right where two coffee cups sit empty, together, on the counter.

Through tears and the tearing of dreams and hearts, through joys and the mending of brokenness and grief, through laughter ringing freedom, unanswered questions birthing trust, and the promise of eternity…all will be right where two coffee cups sit empty, together, on the counter. Where hand joins hand and squeezes three times – the silent I love you. Where times together are treasured moments deemed hallowed and scared.

All is…and will be right.