Hear My Dream

     “Renee, that’s just the way it is. People don’t do that and won’t do that – no matter where you are. It’s the way it has been and it’s the way it will always be.”

      I was told that this week. It stuck with me. The words tumbled, head-over-heels, through my mind – over and over again. What was it about them that bothered me?

       Complacency. That was it: words of complacency; spoken to an anti-complacent person. Uh-oh.

       Why should I just accept something that isn’t right? Why should anyone? Why do God-people shrug their shoulders at wrong things in silent resignation because that’s just the way things are? Isn’t that resignation a propagation of the untruth? The lies? The wrong?

          I dream of a Christianity that buys the truth and stands. No matter how big or small the issue. I dream of a nation of God-people who see with the eyes of their hearts – with the supernatural empowering of the Holy Spirit. I dream of a sisterhood and brotherhood in the church, ignited with holy, furious, unwavering passion for the Truth – even when it blows the categories of generational tradition.

          I don’t care how things have always been – I want to see things righted to how they should be, whatever that takes.

           And I know it starts with me. What can Jesus do in my life?

          He’s turning the soil inside of me. He’s burrowing deeper and deeper. I feel the pain as silent tears squeeze into the corners of my eyes. As I walk into my house, one evening, feeling great heaviness; contemplating. As I reach out, asking, Hear my dream?

           I walked through the downtown, little-city streets of Meadville today. Quiet. Reflective. Praying silent, unspoken, heart prayers – the ones that beat with the rhythm of your heart, that tumble through your mind, that cry for release.

            Hear my dream.

          I hear His reply.

          “Hear mine.”


2 thoughts on “Hear My Dream

  1. More than a dream. It is the essence of the unity that Christ prayed for in his priestly prayer. Unity that comes from sanctification of the truth “buying and standing on it”. This unity is the evidence that God sent his son into the world. Unity built on the truth. The power of the truth to sanctify us. Not a laying down of differences for the good of all but honest hearts of repentance that are filled with the Holy Spirit gifted by the Son’s victory and obedient to the head! Knit together in Love. We are all one bread.
    You are a member, where is your attachment? Can you be one with the head and not the body?
    What does his body look like? How do we recognize it?
    He prayed for those that would come later! Is that us? Can we see the mystical body of Christ? How do we love the brother or sister that we can see? Can I love the mystical body of Christ and not love the local assembly that I can see? Doesn’t Christ body include all saints past present and future? How does that relate to the brother or sister I greeted today?

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