I Claim That Power


           Running wild and free, yet struggling to breathe.

           A silent prayer, lifted up.

           Sometimes people say things that hurt. Sometimes the weight of condemnation bears heavy. Sometimes people see one thing and make a judgement call about your character…without knowing the whole story.

            And we are called to forgive.

           I grew up hearing the words, “Life isn’t fair”. And I resisted.

            Because after all, life should be fair.

            Now I understand.  

            How to stand underneath the scrutinization that weighs heavy? How to bear the criticism that doesn’t feel fair? How to rise to the occasion and recognize that every person has a right to an opinion – whether that hurts me or not – and remember that is fair.

            I smile. I revel in the solitude of my wild and free thoughts, in the affirmation of my husband who looks into my eyes with his own that smile back, in the message from a friend who knows my heart and says, “Remember when we used to listen to “Our God Reigns” by John Waller, every day we drove back from work together? Remember the message of the song?”

            I rejoice. I am His daughter. I am His own.

            I claim that power.


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