A Daily Gift

     I walked through the cold hallway, going from the classroom to my office. It’s halfway through the third quarter – I’d just told my students.  Wow. Didn’t school just start? What have I done with myself since the end of August?

    Sometimes life feels mundane…and sometimes life doesn’t just feel mundane, sometimes life is mundane. Its busy-ness: inside and out, upside and down. Going, going, gone.

    We just came back from a fun weekend away from home. A high point of  the week, you might say. Did I survive my week waiting for the high point in great anticipation, or did I live my week?

     Sometimes the daily things, the in-and-out, normal things feel dry and unexciting. You watch the clock waiting to finish one thing, only to move on to the next and wait to finish that. The cycle of life continues as you fall into bed, slumber and wake to a new, normal day. Sometimes the cycle breaks with a high point and then we go back to normal life and anticipate the next high point.

     Are the days in between being wasted?

     Everyday we live and breathe and have our being, we receive a daily gift. God’s love washes over us. The awesome Giver of Life has bestowed favor upon us. Our heart beats. Do we live, love and laugh in the days or the moments?

     The week of Bible School isn’t the measure of our spirituality or our growth. The fun, get-away weekend isn’t the core of our friendship and fellowship with others. The purpose of our lives isn’t the acts of service we complete on a missions trip.

      Our lives – our days, are numbered. What we’ve been given is not a reality to endure, but a gift to embrace. Moments can be measured, but days should be seized.

      “I feel like I’m just in the waiting,” my friend told me. “I can’t do very much right now, going to school. I feel like I’m in an interim.”

       There are no interim periods of time on God’s calendar. No matter where we are – grade school, college, teaching, cashier, mother, grandma – God has intentionally placed us. There are people to love. There are lessons to learn. There are adventures to be had. There are treasure to unearth. A daily gift.