Precious Dirt

There’s dirt on my floor.


I just mopped the floor yesterday.

Washing dishes. Changing laundry loads. Creating lesson plans. Visiting with friends. Hosting people in my home. Making meals – again and again and again.

This is part of my redemption.

I look at the dirt and sigh. A small smile plays on the edges of my mouth. I could be frustrated, but…that’s precious dirt.

I feel like laughing inside.

Thank-you Jesus for giving me joy and thankfulness over dirt.

Today I was reminded that there are greater things in life than having a spotless floor. The companionship of friends…strangers who feel like family…people who leave spaghetti smeared into your creme couch cover, people who spill water all over your floor more than once, people who leave precious dirt behind them.

Redemption. Jesus sifting my heart through His hands like sand. I think He smiles down from heaven on days like today. Precious dirt. He knows all about that.

I have to think of all the times I run to Him and crumple at His feet…tired, exhausted, weary, mentally shot…and leave some real dirt behind. I love how it doesn’t stop Him from reaching out a hand of love and mercy.

I look at my dirt on the floor. Sometimes, I admit, I think twice before inviting people over to my house. I go through all the things I’ll have to do to get ready for company and go through all the things I’ll have to do to pick up after company. Things like dirt on the floor I mopped a day ago.

Silly. Why would this stop me from reaching out a hand of love and mercy? It’s not just any dirt, after all. Its precious dirt. The grit that comes from friendship and fellowship.  Dirt that redeems.

Oh wow. Jesus…you are amazing. How do you do that?



3 thoughts on “Precious Dirt

  1. Renee, I love your writings. They are so often what I feel in my heart but don’t know how to express it. Thank you, keep it up. I think I will look at the dirt my kiddos make today a little different.!?:)

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